Credit Card Debt Report June 2009 Plus Income And Expenses


Time for another credit card debt report.  Time just flies by so fast.  And the credit card balances go down so slowly.  I can see why the promises of bankruptcy and debt settlement are so appealing.  They promise to have you debt free in months and not years like it takes when you pay it off on your own.

I’ve looked into debt settlement but not bankruptcy.  I would not qualify for debt settlement because I can keep up with my credit card payments for now anyways.

My income went up almost $900 from last month which was a nice welcome surprise.  It’s nice to get a bunch of $200+ checks from so many companies each month.  Now if only I could get them up to $300 and $400 a month from each company, that would double my income and I could pay off my debts faster.

Freelance/web development income for May 2009 was $5700. Up $878 from April.

Expenses were $5195.  April expenses were $5585 so we did better here this month but we are still in the red from the month before when we spent more than we made.  Hard to get out of debt when that happens.

It’s not easy knowing that your income and expenses can fluctuate each month because you work for yourself but I would not have it any other way.  I do not like having a boss at all. I like having the freedom of being able to see all my kids games without missing one due to work.

Now let’s see what my credit card debt looks like this month.

USAA $1,776.12
AT&T Universal Card $8,223.18
Discover Card $8,883.78
Bank Of America $15,275.45
Chase $13,219.96

Chase sent me a nice letter saying I could skip a payment this month if I wanted to.  How nice and thoughtful of them.  Yes, we’ll still charge you about $150 a month in finance charges on your $13k balance but sure go ahead and skip a payment.  We’re here to help you!


So I sent them a nice payment of $300.

So total credit card debt for June 2009 is $47378.49

Total credit card debt as of June 3rd, 2009: $47378.49

Total credit card debt as of May 1st, 2009: $47925.74

Total credit card debt as of April 4th, 2009: $48064.93

Difference of $547.25

Total credit card debt started with: $62124 Feb 2008

Total credit card debt paid off: $14745.51

And now let’s take  a look at my other debts.

$7712 IRS Tax Debt, paid off $1000.  IRS approved my payment plan and it starts June 28th. $250 a month until it’s paid off.

$7713.58 Auto Loan – Original balance $11,000. Made 2 payments so far, 46 to go…I hate car payments.

And then the student loans whatever they are.  Around $38,000.

So may be close to owing under a hundred grand now…better than owing over a hundred grand…

That’s all for today.

Have a great day!


The Credit Blogger

Not Paying Off Credit Card Debt May 2009


Here it is May already and I wanted to talk about not paying off credit card debt for May 2009.  Why do I say not paying off debt? Well because I took a look at my numbers for this month and I barely paid off $130 this past month on my debt but still paid over $500 in interest charges.  So that kind of hurts.  But what can you expect when you buy a new Dell computer! And not just any Dell computer, an Optiplex business PC with a 22 inch monitor.  I bought the PC due to my old one slowing down and being really slow when I am trying to encode videos about products and services I am promoting.  So to be more productive and not wait 20 minutes for one video to encode, I bought a new one and can make twice as many movies in half the time.

I will get to deduct the cost of the PC as a business expense as I work for myself and use it for business purposes.

I don’t buy things like fancy TVs or designer clothes or any electronic devices.  I think of iPods and iPhones as cool luxuries but if they are not free I am not buying them.  The only reason I got a new cell phone was because it was free including shipping and handling.  I didn’t have to pay a thing for it.  It’s not the fanciest model out there but it gets the job done – it makes phone calls.

And this new PC was a necessity not a luxury since that is the determining factor on when you should buy something as I will be using it for business.

Now let’s take a look at my credit card debt for May 2009.

USAA $1813.58
Discover Card $9014.26
Chase Card $13372.85
AT&T Universal Card $8409.63
Bank Of America $15315.42

Total credit card debt as of May 1st, 2009: $47925.74

Total credit card debt as of April 4th, 2009: $48064.93

Difference of $139.19.

Total credit card debt started with: $62124 Feb 2008

Total credit card debt paid off: $14,198.26

And now let’s take  a look at my other debts.

$7712 IRS Tax Debt, paid off $1000.  Waiting to see if the IRS approves of my payment plan arrangements as I don’t have an extra 7 thousand dollars to pay this bill.

$7849.95 Auto Loan – Original balance $11,000.

And if I could ever remember my SallieMae username and password I would know the total amount of my student loans.  It’s around $38,000 give or take a few hundred.  And I’ve been paying on it since 2002 when I graduated and my original balance was $38,000 give or take a few hundred.  That’s what you get when you defer your student loans for 2 years.

Total debts: $100,947.69 give or take a few hundred.

Anyone want to lend me a hundred grand? That would really help my pay off my credit card debts and other debts. :o)

Thanks for reading,


The Credit Blogger

Credit Card Debt Report March 2009


My how time flies when you are having fun.  It’s already March and many new year’s resolutions are either long gone and forgotten or you’ve already done something about them.  I’m still concentrating on getting my credit card debt paid off.  Had a couple of setbacks this past month though.

I started doing my taxes and found that I have to pay about $7,000 in taxes for 2008.  Ouch.  Since I am self employed, I am supposed to be sending in tax payments in each quarter which are estimates because the government cannot wait for its money so it can start spending it like crazy, hundreds of billions at a time.

And then my 94 Camry is on its last leg so I am in the market for a new used car.  I got pre-approved for an $8k auto loan at 5.4% and I withdrew $4100 from my whole life insurance policy so I have a budget of $12,000 for a car.

However, I don’t want to spend that much for a car if I can help it.  I can use some of the insurance money to go to my tax bill.

So I may have to cut back on my aggressive debt cutting practices so I can get a car and start paying on my tax bill.

In credit card news, my Discover Card now has a balance and they lowered my interest rate to 9.24%.  They offered me a balance transfer offer of 5.9% until Feb 2010 with a fee of 4% with a max of $150. Ouch.  It seems like just a couple months ago the fee was 3% with a max of $100.  They have to make their money somehow right?

I went onto a balance transfer offer calculator to determine if this was a good deal.  You can run your own numbers here:

It said I would save almost $500 during the balance transfer offer net of the $150 balance transfer fee and would then save about $21 a month in interest after the offer was over.  So I transfered my USAA balance at 12.5% to Discover and now I have about $900 left to pay on my USAA card and get that one paid off.

So here’s the credit card debt report for March 2009:

USAA $908.48
Discover $9497.11
Bank Of America $15851.51
Chase $13746.62
AT&T Universal Card $9182.60

total credit card debt as of March 2009: $49,186.32

total credit card debt as of Feb 2009: $49,869.27

difference from Feb to March: $682.95 8-(

That’s not a lot.

I need to start making some more money so I can pay off my debts faster.  And then I’ll have a bigger tax bill next year.

Have a safe and happy spring break.


The Credit Blogger

Credit Card Debt Report February 2009


Time for another look at how much credit card debt I still have left to pay off.  I’ve been focusing my efforts and extra payments on my Universal Card since it has a special 6 month promotion of 9.9% on my balances that do not have a special rate.  After the six months is over, the rate jumps back up to 15.9% or so depending on the LIBOR rate.

So after that happens, I am thinking about transferring the balance to my Discover Card which increased my credit limit to $10,000 and has a short balance transfer offer of 4.9% for 6 months and then it goes to the standard rate of 15.9% APR after that.

I also got a nice rate increase letter from my Chase card this month.  They are not happy with the profitability of my account so they want to raise my rates to 19.99%.  Since I am not a profitable customer because I pay all my bills on time and do not give them the pleasure of charging me late fees or over the limit fees or any other crap fees they can think of.  So I have to write them a letter and opt out of their high rate offer and keep the special lifetime balance transfer offers I have with them at 3 and 4% APR.

And there are rumblings that USAA is increasing rates too for a lot of their customers to improve profitability of their credit cards but I have not received a letter yet so let’s cross our fingers.  If USAA does increase its rates on my card, I will have to opt out of that too and I will be left with my Discover Card as the only one I can use.

So one way or another, I will not be able to use plastic in the near future at all.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Since I used those plastic cards too much to get in a mountain of debt in the first place.

Enough about that, let’s take a look at my current credit card debt for Feb 2009:

AT&T Universal Card: $9697.17

USAA: $10,167.73

Bank Of America: $16,057.08

Chase: $13,947.29

Discover Card: $0.00000000000000!

Add it all up and you finally get under $50,000! $49,869.27

Total credit card debt started with: $62124 Feb 2008

Total credit card debt paid off in last 12 months: $12,254.

My income went up in Jan so I should be able to make a few extra payments in big chunks to take a nice bite out of my Universal Card so I can stop paying so much in interest charges each month.

Thanks for reading,


The Credit Blogger

Talk your way out of credit card debt


Happy New Year!

It’s 2009 and time for people to make the New Year’s Resolutions – lose weight, stop smoking and get out of debt.

I’ve been reading this book by Scott Bilker about talking your way out of credit card debt – in it he has transcripts of calls that he made to credit card companies to get his debt reduced.  He made calls to waive late fees, lower the interest rates and get better offers.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.

He pointed out that the calls usually didn’t take that long – maybe 5-10 minutes.  And then he calculated how much interest he saved on that phone call, and usually it came out to earning several hundred dollars an hour becuase each call only took a few minutes.

I recently did this with all my credit cards and I wasn’t so successful.

It seems the financial crisis and huge credit losses the banks and credit card companies makes them want to extend less credit and be less generous with their credit offers even though prime is so low right now – currently at 3.25%. The banks and credit card companies are trying to recoup their losses from the bad customers by making the good customers pay higher rates.

I have 5 credit cards – Discover, Bank of America, Chase, ATT, and USAA.

The only one that was able to reduce my rate for any period of time was ATT and they are closing my account soon anyways because their computers show I am a bad risk.  They reduced my purchases rate from 15 to 9.9% for 9 months.  They had a rate of 7.9% for 6 months but I went with the longer term because it saves a little bit more.

Discover card offered to extend a balance transfer offer from April to August but no waiving that 3% fee that can cut into your savings.  $100 just to transfer a balance!

And then I called USAA and the rep said that USAA was raising rates on all customers by 2% on February 1st. And that I should have received a letter.  No letter.  That’s crap.

So because they made bad investments, they have to charge higher rates for their good customers – nice way to treat your customers.

So all in all, I wasn’t too thrilled with talking my way out of debt, maybe in a different market environment I would have had better results.

Don’t let that stop you though.  If you have a good payment history and a good credit score – call your credit card companies and see if you can get your rates reduced.

You don’t need to pay more interest than you have to.


The Credit Blogger

Discover Credit Card balance December 2008: $0!


I just finished sending in a payment for the remainder of my Discover credit card balance to get it paid off.  Yippee!

Here’s the scheduled payment:

The posting date is December 25th, so I guess it’s a Christmas present to myself.

In Feb of this year, the balance was almost $6,000.

I just finished making my payments for the year for all my other credit cards trying to get my balance under $50,000 for the year and let’s tally the numbers:

Discover Card: $0!!!!!!!

USAA: $10,247

ATT Universal Crappy Card: $10, 342

Chase: $14,109

Bank Of America: $16,089

Total outstanding credit card debt end of December 2008: $50,787 :o(

Guess I didn’t make as many payments as I thought I did.

At least I got one credit card totally paid off.

If you haven’t already heard, there were some new regulations passed down to the banks and credit card companies that are supposed to make it easier on us consumers.  The biggest one I like is the no more universal default clause.  I hated this one.  If you make a late payment on one card, all your other cards could penalize you.  How fair is that?

The other one that I liked was the applying your credit card payments to the highest interest balance first.  I have several low balance transfer offers for the life of the balance transfer on some of my cards and they charge 3 or 4% interest and other balances on that same card for 18% interest and the payments I make go to the lowest interest rate offer so I pay much more in interest while I have that outstanding balance.

I just want to get these cards paid off so I can stop flushing money down the drain to these greedy credit card companies in interest charges.

Total credit card debt started with: $62124 Feb 2008

Total credit card debt now (December 2008): $50,787.

Total credit card debt paid off this year: $11,337.

Looking forward to getting over $25,000 of credit card debt paid off in 2009.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Credit Blogger

Credit card debt report December 2008


It’s that time of the month, the time when I talk about my credit card debt and let you know how much longer until I am debt free.  Here is my credit card debt report for December 2008.  I am only a few payments away from getting my Discover Card totally paid off.  I just sent in another $21 payment on my $518 balance.  I am so looking forward to getting this card paid off.

I am thinking about switching to a Discover Motiva Card where they give you a credit every 6 months of one month of interest charges if you make all your payments on time.

Then, I can transfer the balance of my stupid AT&T Universal Card to it and get those bastards out of my hair.

Here’s what I owe:

Bank of America: $16267.64

Stupid AT&T: $10342.02

Chase: $14292.01

USAA: $10187.33

Discover: $518, with pending $21 payment.

Total Credit Card Debt for December 2008: $51,607.

Total Credit Card Debt for November 2008: $52915.05

Total Credit Card debt as of September 2008: $54,154

Difference from November: $1308.05

Total Credit Card Debt Started with: $62124 Feb 2008

Total Credit Card Debt Paid Off: $10517.

Pretty cool, I’ve paid off over $10,000 in credit card debt this year.  Just realized that as I put it in the calculator and typed it up.  Hopefully, I will accelerate how fast I can pay this debt off and get maybe $25,000 more paid off next year.  And then get it all paid off by 2010. That’s the goal.

Be credit card debt free by July 2010 and buy a new one story house with a library and big walk around veranda and a new dark blue Toyota Tacoma.

Thanks for reading!


The Credit Blogger

Now my AT&T Universal Card hates me…they want to raise my interest rates


It’s almost time for Thanksgiving and I got a big thank you from my AT&T Universal Card – “Your interest rates are going up!  Thanks for being a great customer.  We don’t earn enough money off of you charging 18% interest so we want to charge you 24.99%!”  We sure do appreciate your business.

FUCK YOU AT&T Universal Card!

I just got a letter from them saying they wanted to change my terms and interest rates.  First they cut my credit limit now this.  I never miss a payment.  I always pay on time to all my credit cards.  My total credit card debt is going down which means I am a less risky customer but yet they feel the need to charge me more money.  WTF?!?!?

This is how you reward your customers?

I have the right to opt out and not accept these crap terms and then I’ll be able to pay off the balance at the current terms which isn’t the greatest deal – I have an outstanding balance of $10,582 and change, $7,103 is at a rate of 18.26% which comes out to about $110 in interest charges each month and $3,527 is at a rate of 4.99% which comes out to about $15 in interest charges each month.

My minimum payment is $230 and $125 of that goes to interest each month and you want to charge me more interest?  I say it again:

FUCK YOU AT&T Universal Card!

And the card is run by Citibank so I guess that explains a lot.  Since they are failing and cannot do anything right they want to take their customers down with them.  It’s no wonder their stock has lost billions of dollars over the past few months.

On the brighter side, I just made a $356 payment on my Discover Card and my balance will now be down to almost $500!!!!  Only a couple more payments and it will all be paid off for good!

It’s funny, one credit card is trying to raise my rates – stupid AT&T Universal Card – and now Discover is sending me low interest balance transfer offers.  Maybe I’ll just transfer the balance to Discover and avoid paying AT&T any more money than I have to since this is how they reward their on time paying customers.

How risky can I be if I’m trying to solve my credit card debt problem by writing a blog about it and writing all about my financial problems for all to see?

Enough of that today.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Except you AT&T Universal Card!


The Credit Blogger

Credit card debt report November 2008


Just a quick update to post my credit card balances for November 2008.

Discover Card: $1096.18 with $34.90 payment pending.

USAA: $10,300.88.

ATT: $10,456.90.

Chase: $14,470.45.

Bank of America: $16,590.64.

Total Credit Card Debt for November 2008: $52915.05

Total Credit Card debt as of September 2008: $54,154

Difference of: $1238.95

Total Credit Card Debt Started with: $62124 Feb 2008

Total Credit Card Debt Paid Off: $9208.95

How long until I am debt free?  Who knows.  Hopefully in 2-3 years.

That’s all for now.


The Credit Blogger

How long does it take to pay off a credit card?


Way too damn long!

Just got an email from my Discover Card saying my new statement was available and the minimum payment due is only $37.  Cannot remember the last time I had a minimum payment due of only $37.

So I take a longer look at my statement and see that of that $37, about $21 would be going to interest each month.

Now that’s a great deal if you are the credit card company.  But it sucks if you are the consumer who is trying to pay off your credit card balance.

So I went over to one of the free credit card payment calculators to see just how long it would take me to pay that sucker off if I just made the minimum payment of $37.

And here’s what it gave me: “It will take you 146 months to be rid of your debt. In that time, you will pay $1,138.47 in interest.

If you devoted $36.53 to your debt every month, it would be paid off in 51 months, and would cost you $536.29 in interest.”

So it’ll take me 146 months to pay off my $1300 balance and I’ll pay $1100 in interest charges! FUCK!

Man that just makes me want to open a bank.  I should make an offer to buy Wells Fargo or WaMU!  How the heck are you ever supposed to get out of a mountain of credit card debt if you pay $37 as a minimum payment and $21 of that goes to interest charges each month?

The answer is that you are NOT!!!!

Don’t even think about a late fee or any other type of fee.

Those usually run $39 each time and that will each up about 4 months of principal payments.

So you know what to do: pay much more than the minimum if you ever want to lift the burdens of too much credit card debt off your shoulders.

On the bright side, you can see that I made over $600 worth of payments last month on my Discover Card balance so know I only owe $1314.  Hopefully I can have that sucker paid off by the end of the year.

That’s all for today.

Have a debt-free day!


The Credit Blogger