Now my AT&T Universal Card hates me…they want to raise my interest rates


It’s almost time for Thanksgiving and I got a big thank you from my AT&T Universal Card – “Your interest rates are going up!  Thanks for being a great customer.  We don’t earn enough money off of you charging 18% interest so we want to charge you 24.99%!”  We sure do appreciate your business.

FUCK YOU AT&T Universal Card!

I just got a letter from them saying they wanted to change my terms and interest rates.  First they cut my credit limit now this.  I never miss a payment.  I always pay on time to all my credit cards.  My total credit card debt is going down which means I am a less risky customer but yet they feel the need to charge me more money.  WTF?!?!?

This is how you reward your customers?

I have the right to opt out and not accept these crap terms and then I’ll be able to pay off the balance at the current terms which isn’t the greatest deal – I have an outstanding balance of $10,582 and change, $7,103 is at a rate of 18.26% which comes out to about $110 in interest charges each month and $3,527 is at a rate of 4.99% which comes out to about $15 in interest charges each month.

My minimum payment is $230 and $125 of that goes to interest each month and you want to charge me more interest?  I say it again:

FUCK YOU AT&T Universal Card!

And the card is run by Citibank so I guess that explains a lot.  Since they are failing and cannot do anything right they want to take their customers down with them.  It’s no wonder their stock has lost billions of dollars over the past few months.

On the brighter side, I just made a $356 payment on my Discover Card and my balance will now be down to almost $500!!!!  Only a couple more payments and it will all be paid off for good!

It’s funny, one credit card is trying to raise my rates – stupid AT&T Universal Card – and now Discover is sending me low interest balance transfer offers.  Maybe I’ll just transfer the balance to Discover and avoid paying AT&T any more money than I have to since this is how they reward their on time paying customers.

How risky can I be if I’m trying to solve my credit card debt problem by writing a blog about it and writing all about my financial problems for all to see?

Enough of that today.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Except you AT&T Universal Card!


The Credit Blogger

Credit card debt report November 2008


Just a quick update to post my credit card balances for November 2008.

Discover Card: $1096.18 with $34.90 payment pending.

USAA: $10,300.88.

ATT: $10,456.90.

Chase: $14,470.45.

Bank of America: $16,590.64.

Total Credit Card Debt for November 2008: $52915.05

Total Credit Card debt as of September 2008: $54,154

Difference of: $1238.95

Total Credit Card Debt Started with: $62124 Feb 2008

Total Credit Card Debt Paid Off: $9208.95

How long until I am debt free?  Who knows.  Hopefully in 2-3 years.

That’s all for now.


The Credit Blogger