Hello guys, I’m searching a reliable not to expensive ASP.NET & PHP hosting service.?

Question by Agam: Hello guys, I’m searching a reliable not to expensive ASP.NET & PHP hosting service.?
Hello guys,
I’m searching a reliable not to expensive ASP.NET & PHP hosting service and I didn’t find any good option so I came to here,
I need the following features:

-24 Support.
-PHP support.
-ASP.NET support.
-MySql DB.
-ASP.NET DB support.
-A free domain when registering and sub domains.
-More than 1gb storage and 100 g”b transfer (at least).
-30 day Guarantee(at least).
-Live chat support \ || + quick and good support system.
-FTP Access.
-Backup System.

I’d like to have:
-NO Setup Fees.
-Email account free with registration.
-Search Engine Ad Credits.
-SSL Secure Server.
-Customizable Control Panel
-Spam Filtering.
-Web Analytics Tools.

That’s it, thanks in advanced.

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Answer by Smith
I suggest you this website http://www.tenhostingreviews.com where you can find a list of hosting companies with the best features, support and pricing. You can get everything you need and it’s very easy. For what you are asking, i recommend you the option 1,2 or 5 Hope this could help you.

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Should It Be Humanity Before America, Or America Before Humanity?

Question by Hcu: Should It Be Humanity Before America, Or America Before Humanity?
I’m not trying to be unpatriotic (because I love my country insanely) but since the topic of immigration came up, I’ve seen the what people have been commenting and blogging about and I was just wondering what you guys thought. Is it okay to treat people less just because they’re not citizens? I’m assuming that everybody loves America and loves our great constitution so I wanted to quote what was emphasized to me through all my years growing up in school.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

I was watching Shakira on CNN and I think she made a good point. Nobody should ever have to live in fear, and it should never be one or the other. What do you guys think?
But there you go again with the “americans”. Are we better? Do you know how many people have died in Mexico due to the drug wars? Or how many people have died in America due to legal citizens? Or how many people have died in Iraq by the hands of Americans?
But weren’t our founding fathers European? I think she has seen more of this world than most of us, and she understands responsibility as a planet, not just a nation.
“Just A Thought”: But the only reason that they didn’t have to sneak in was because The Native Americans welcomed them, (unlike modern americans).

Second, there was already a democracy, a nation, the native americans had established before they got here. A big part of this democracy is derived from those ideas.

Last, Shakira is rebuilding Haiti…………WTF HAVE YOU DONE?????
Okay This Is The Thing:

Just a thought, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SHAKIRA’S PUBLICIST OR SHAKIRA? You’re just some modern citizen who thinks they know EVERYTHING! Maybe if you would’ve read other text books, (not just the required ones) you would see that native americans had a democracy.

Does this look like the back of a limo? Or a 40th floor hotel room? NO! So just keep your ignorance to yourself. PLEASE bigot.


Second, there are less than 10 million people living in arizona. I think we have to make a decision as a country, NOT A STATE!

Lastly, at least they’re working. I don’t care if they’re cleaning toilets! AT LEAST they get off their lazy butts to work! Mexico “the third world country” is poised to become the world’s next superpower idiot.

Now I see why so many countries hate America.
They hate it because of the republicans living in it. They assume that everyone is like that, but we’re not. Trust me, and this generation is going to change it for the better. And there won’t be ANYTHING that those old wrinkly bitter cringing ignorant republicans will be able to do about it.

Or Get Out :D

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Answer by * Smile! *
Why don’t you ask that to the families of the 25 Americans killed each day at the hand of an illegal alien.


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Is it possible to go to a studio strictly for promotional purposes and the chance at getting on a label?

Question by Robert: Is it possible to go to a studio strictly for promotional purposes and the chance at getting on a label?
I am going to produce me and my friends’ classical guitar album with my home studio, but since we are unknown artists…we thought about taking in our demo to a recording studio for promotional reasons. I want to keep my credit as the producer of the album to receive royalties, but is it possible to just have them listen to a few seconds of each song on our album and if they like it help us spread the music around? I used to intern at a studio and noticed all the musicians being promoted also had their music produced there as well. Any musicians on here know if this is possible?

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Answer by mixmaster
Studios only record your music. They are not in the promotion business. You should do it yourself.
Create accounts on all of the social media outlets (facebook,myspace,youtube channel,twitter etc…).
You should definitely put up a basic website with links to all of your social media profiles. And start blogging about your band regularly. It takes a lot of your time, but it’s worth it. By doing all of this, you’ll start to get a higher ranking on search engines (look up SEO). This way when a search is performed for “classical guitar albums” you’ll be higher on the list of returned sites. Recording studios will be of no help to you after you’ve recorded your music.

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Where can I create a website for free?

Question by Yarima R: Where can I create a website for free?
I’ve been wanting to start this website and see if it’ll get good reactions from my peers
but I don’t know how to go about it. I’m looking towards more of a blogging site.
I’d like to add a new blog weekly about just things I’d like to write about.
See I do a column for the school paper which I have to say is quite entertaining. I’ve had
good reactions and kids have started to mention creating a website just like my column
but with more. I think its a good idea and I’d like to try it out. Does anyone know of a
good site that would be great for what I’m trying to do ?
And I’d like it to be free in the case that I decide not to pursue it and delete whatever progress I’ve made. That way I wouldn’t be paying to create something that turned out not to work as I had planned. So any suggestions ?
Thank you so much.

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Answer by PugLover7

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Im 16, how do I get a job to save up?

Question by Ladyjack12: Im 16, how do I get a job to save up?
I want a FOrd F-150 King Ranch (2001 or higher) and since they are so expensive and my mom has really bad credit, I plan on buying from an independent seller…like from the newspaper or craigslist or something. Well the cheapest ones are 12,000 but with really bad milage. So im looking to spend at least around 16,000 or a “ok” one. But my problem is that I cant get a job to save up. I want the car by february of next year. I use to work at Kroger 8 months ago until I quite b/c they werent giving me any hours. Well since I need this truck I reapplied online but at a different location across the street from my house so that I can get there without a problem. I applied on tuesday and I still havent heard from them. i know its kinda soon but im growing really impatient with this b/c i need the money. if I get the job, how can I save up enough and get enough hours to get it by feb2009? and should I call them next week if I still havent heard from them?

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Answer by Ana
just go to where i want to go.
i want to work at a tanning salon
ask if they are going to hire anyone at the moment
or go somewhere else
and just ask if they are hiring
stuff like that

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how to create a website like…?

Question by gabiisu: how to create a website like…?
Okk so i have a question that is tilted exacly like this ::

im looking for how to create a website with… :

-my own domain 100% free
-that’s 100% free
-dont need to put credit car or adress

i want to make a website like…:


if you answered that question answer this one…:

how to make a website like…:


places where OTHER PEOPLE can go and make their OWN blog!!! and it’s ALSO FREE 100%

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Answer by Nicolas
So you want a free host, and free domain name.
Good luck heh.

You should create a blog coming from free website like http://wordpress.com/

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Anyone with website building experience I need help!?

Question by Viera: Anyone with website building experience I need help!?
Hi I’m almost 14 and would like to make a website to pass time and maybe make some extra cash(or change). I’m trying to build a website and it’s about reviewing Itunes apps and i was wondering would it be easier to make it a blog or a regular website. I was looking into a lot of software and i like Web Plus X4 and X2. But i read this software isnt for blogging. So is a review site more of a blog or a real site? Reasons why are appreciated and if you like how some review sites are made you can list them.

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Answer by Daniel
Of course, it will be much easier to use an online blog engine for free. But it’s far more professional to make your own website. You just have to ask yourself how serious you are about it. If you’re just interested in playing around, find a free webhost who will let you edit some html and includes some decent editors.

If you’re very serious about looking professional and having an excellent website, ASP.NET is the way to go. You should download Visual Web Developer from Microsoft’s website (FREE), and pick up either some books or good tutorials on HTML, C#, and Javascript. Once you fool around a while, you will start getting very good, and likely end up with an amazing website. You can even make a career out of it soon, and make very good money (especially if you get good with C#). The sky is the limit. If you learn C#, you can even make video games with Microsoft’s XNA (also free), MDx (free), and even OpenGL (free). The specialize tool for making Windows applications is Visual C# Express (free). When you get good, buy Visual Studio Professional, which will allow you to do everything you can imagine for Windows, and even for other operating systems now that Mono is out.

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